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About Suzanne

Suzanne Kelly


Suzanne took over the ownership and leadership of Bouncing Beans in July 2013 when Nikki graduated into the world of gardening. Suzanne has had a life-long passion for the arts, music and especially musical theatre. Before working in TV production at many companies including Talkback Thames, Suzanne enjoyed performing in amateur musical theatre throughout her childhood and teenage years and particularly enjoys singing and playing the piano. She was a member of The Young Vic Youth Theatre in her teens.


Suzanne attended Bouncing Beans with her son when he was just starting to toddle around. As she was so impressed with the class compared to others of its type in the local area and saw the benefits and enjoyment her son got out of it she returned with her second child and watched her develop and grow in confidence too.


Music is exciting. It is thrilling to be with a group of people creating the same piece of music. It nourishes the soul and you can feel part of a great and powerful, vibrant entity. Suzanne relishes this chance to take children into a fun world of musical entertainment….. 


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